Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lessons From Tiger

So we have all heard about Tiger Wood's many trysts... if you haven't you have been under a rock since his story trumped Pearl Harbor and Health Care Debates... US Weekly is even writing stories about Tiger not using condoms...

He has placed a bright light on the biggest dilemma when it comes to women protecting themselves... It is one thing to have your heart broken by a cheating spouse, but to also contract an STD or HIV is devastating. There are many women out there who have done nothing wrong and yet are forced to suffer some major health consequences from their husband's infidelities.

Condom use is a no-brainer when you're dating, and you don't know your partner's medical history... but what if you are in a long-term, committed relationship, marriage and you thought you knew about their health? What if you are going through a rough time, or your partner/spouse travels extensively for business? How do women protect themselves from someone else's lapse of judgment? There is no perfect answer... but what would you do in Elin's place? What do you do if you have a gut feeling that your partner/spouse is cheating on you and may not be using protection?

Feel free to comment...

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Monday, November 30, 2009

12-1 is World AIDS Day... we're here to remind you...BYOC... Bring Your Own Condom!

Free Condom Compacts to First 10 Attendees Who Text Question During Web Chat

11.22.2009 – Los Angeles, CA – JUST IN CASE® ( designers of the tres-chic condom storing intimacy compacts – are hosting a World AIDS Day Web chat urging women to “BYOC”: Bring Your Own Condom. JUST IN CASE compacts look like your favorite makeup compact but have a secret compartment to carry condoms.

Marsha Bartenetti and Rachael Sudul, the mother-daughter team behind Just in Case, Inc. (JIC) will bring their message of personal responsibility to women live via USTREAM on World AIDS Day, 12.1.09. Viewers are invited to log on to at 9am PST/Noon EST to learn more about the realities of protecting one's self, acquire resources supplied by the World AIDS Campaign, and the chance to win a FREE chic compact of her own by submitting a text question or comment via UStream's chat feature.

Bartenetti, who will host the “BYOC” chat says, “There’s a new face of HIV/AIDS that women are hesitant to talk about: suburban women, young women, your next door neighbor. While there have been many advances with respect to HIV/AIDS treatment there is still no cure. The best protection is still a condom.”

Sudul adds, “It’s time to change the conversation and remove the stigma women feel around carrying condoms. This is not about encouraging promiscuity but empowering women to take responsibility for their own health and welfare. We want to facilitate that discussion and help women to take control of their lives.”

JIC is engaging women in the safe sex conversation everyday via its Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. Join them and share what makes YOU sexy smart. Post your thoughts on their Facebook wall (, then start the conversation with two friends by asking: What’s in YOUR purse!®

View the full collection of JUST IN CASE styles and pricing at

About Just in Case, Inc.: Founded in 2005 by mother-daughter team Marsha Bartenetti, who has years of experience in the entertainment industry, and Rachael Sudul, who has extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, Just in Case, Inc. is the leader in providing discreet intimacy compacts stylish enough for every woman’s purse. Winners of a HBA International Design Award for Originality, their revolutionary product re-defined the face of beauty to include sexual health. Their values adhere to the highest ethical standards while providing quality products and a message of hope. 5% of profits go to HIV/AIDS & women’s health charities worldwide. The following are registered trademarks of Just in Case, Inc.: JUST IN CASE® Love Well.Love Wisely.® Protection Never Had Such Style.® Sexy.Smart.® What's in YOUR purse?®

Monday, November 9, 2009

World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is approaching and I wonder what the general knowledge is about HIV and AIDS... we have been aware of this virus since the 80's but I don't think that people have educated themselves very well about the virus. It's always been one of those illnesses that people think... "I'll never get that, I'm monogamous" or "I'll never get that I have only had a few partners." The problem is that with the rate of infection in the US, "risky behavior" has broadened it's meaning and includes unprotected sex with a partner that hasn't been tested.

Here is a link to the CDC with some great information on HIV basics.

Throughout the next few months I will try to find other links with basic information about HIV.
If you don't know your status or your partner's, protection is paramount. You can't tell if someone has been infected by how they look, and an infected person may not even have symptoms for months and be highly contagious.
Be smart, be sexy, be safe. Carry your own protection.
For a limited time the Classic Compacts are $19.95!
Love Well. Love Wisely.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Essence Magazine!!

We are thrilled about our being featured in Essence Magazine this month!! Take a look! When you flip through the magazine we're on pg 96...

We're also starting a conversation... the NEW Classic Converations gift bag includes a Rendez-Vous Red Classic Compact and a deck of Seversations Cards!! 52 cards to incite a healthy discussion about sex and sexual health... thought provoking questions that will help you discover your thoughts, experiences, beliefs and values. Only $29.95!! (Actual color of gift bag may vary)

The Sexversation Cards are the brain child of a dynamic duo of women who are empowering other young women to be smart, strong, and to help put an end to sexual violence... check out their story and if they will be visiting a campus near you!

Hope your Summer was filled with fun... and... as always...
Love Well. Love Wisely.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teen Vogue

Well... we were told no... and as an only child, it is a word I tend not to listen to or ever like to hear.

We wanted to advertise in Teen Vogue and the editors told us no... not very surprising I guess, but completely frustrating and indicative of the uphill battle we have with the public message about sex and sexuality to teens and young adults.

Calvin Klein can put up a billboard in New York city showing a young girl topless having a Foursome (we've moved beyond a menage a trois apparently) to advertise jeans to our teens and young adults... can you even see the jeans? Then we turn around to the same audience of the foursome and say..."wait til your married" and "abstinence is best" and wonder why it isn't very effective... REALITY CHECK PLEASE!

I am thrilled, however, that this has stirred a conversation and I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Shawn Decker on Twitter... he wrote about my having to hear the word "no" in his blog for Poz...

So the conversation continues and I guess that is the purpose... just wish we could've advertised for back to school! Because if that's what Calvin Klein jeans do for your social life, you will definitely be needing a few condoms...

Remember, this Saturday is National HIV Testing Day... know your status... know your partner's status... if you don't know FOR SURE, use a condom...

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Website!

Good Morning and please take a look at the new JIC site!
We will be working out the bugs for a bit I'm sure but we have streamlined to better serve our customers... use the code LOVEWELL for a discount on your order and let us know about your shopping experience!
Please use the comment box below to write a review, good or bad and you will be put into a drawing for a JIC gift basket!
Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to hearing your opinions!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have been so honored to be recognized in some great blogs... here's one of them now!! Direct from the GlamourWhore herself!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
~Just In Case...~

Ok, no more excuses!! That's right, you no longer have any excuse not to take charge and be in control...of your sex life!! You read it right. Yes, normally Glamour Whore is where you read about the latest beauty products, jewelry, fashion and all that glitters...well today that list includes SAFE SEX. Yup. Look, there is nothing sexier or more glamorous than a woman in control. It is 2009, and I still have friends who are embarrassed to buy, let alone carry condoms. I will even admit to blushing while purchasing the oh so necessary "latex accessories" (Glamour Whore's lingo for condom). However, thanks to a fabulous company called "Just In Case", I'm actually anxious to go out and make an illicit purchase... Yup, I said it, I wanna pick up some latex accessories to put in my GORGEOUS lil condom case. "Just In Case" makes the most darling lil condom cases, so chic you will be running to CVS just to have a reason to carry one. So discreet no one will ever know, but you'll wanna tell because you will be dying to show all of your girlfriends that even your birth control/protection is trendy and fashion forward. Take a look...

My favorite is the "Classic Bling"

Kisses Bitches...
Glamour Whore xoxo

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is STD Awareness Month!!

Happy April!! Spring has sprung... there's an energy in the air that is exhilarating... so that must be why they call it Spring Fever. Well, just remember your protection...
Condoms are a very effective means of birth control and barrier to STDs and HIV when used correctly. What do I mean "used correctly"? Yes, there is a very specific way to put on a condom... we supply two Lifestyle condoms in our compacts and Lifestyles supplied us with this very detailed How To guide...

Get tested and know your status... if you don't know your status, use a condom... if you don't know your partner's status, use a condom... and always...
Love Well. Love Wisely.

Follow us on Twitter!! @justincaseinc
Use the code TWEET during checkout for a discount!!

WARNING!! I'm talking about the Pope...

Before you read this, know that I am not writing to challenge or judge one faith or another. I respect religion, spirituality, wherever someone might be on that path, and the people who want nothing to do with that path. We are all here to learn from each other with mutual respect and civility...

When the Pope made his comment about condoms not being effective and exacerbating the spread of HIV in Africa, my reaction was frustration and anger. Now that I've had a while to calm down about it I would like to put a few ideas out there...

I get where he's coming from... we are all familiar with the message from the Catholic church about abstinence, monogamy, and chastity. It is behavior that is perfect and something we can choose to strive for. But instead of demonizing condoms, I wish they would focus on behavior. Scaring people with statistics and false information about prevention doesn't change the sin. According to the Dogma, the sin itself is committed whether you use a condom or not, catch a disease or not. So shouldn't they focus on the behavior of their parishioners, discovering why they would stray from abstinence or monogamy with a spouse and address those issues? Just as the death penalty doesn't prevent murder, dire statistics will not change human behavior that has been a part of the human existence since the dawn of time.

So I say to the Pope, we all understand the Catholic dogma and respect it... please lead your people to a righteous path, but do not litter it with barricades to scare your people to remain on that path. The path you lay before them should be enough... when people stray, call them back without the threat of statistics and bent truths about the effectiveness of condoms... call them back with the fulfillment of their faith, and the glory that God has to offer all the people that follow you with intention and action.

What I hope is that everyone, regardless of any religious affiliations, takes responsibility for their health when making plans or passionate quick decisions... know what you require... before you require it! Just because people look healthy doesn't mean they are... know your status, know your partner's status, and if you have any doubts, use a condom. Love Well. Love Wisely.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is my "Dream Assignment" through Lenovo and Microsoft... the winner receives 50k for a photography assignment...

Click here to vote...

The New Face of AIDS in America

I want to capture the new face of AIDS in America; it is beautiful, heartbroken, strong, defiant, frustrated, and she is a woman. AIDS is not secluded to third world countries, we are living with it here and we need to recognize it's face.

I want to travel across this vast country of ours and give attention to the beautiful women here who have been afflicted with HIV/AIDS. We are a very generous country when it comes to giving to other countries, but we have to look in our own backyards with love and compassion to start a conversation about how we can prevent the further spread and the treatment of this disease here in America.
HIV is the number one cause of death for young Black women in the US... our health care system isn't helping... I want to shine a gentle compassionate light on all women with HIV/AIDS here in America to tell their "normal" yet extraordinary stories of life with the disease and how their world has been changed by it. They are mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and they are creating their lives in spite of, and because of this disease... a photographic essay of determination, struggle, failure, and success.
If we normalize the conversation about AIDS, we can bring it out of the shadows and into the light to do something about it. It's difficult to solve this issue in other countries when we can't even talk about the problem we have here...
AIDS does not discriminate... there will be a face of AIDS in every state of our nation... they need to be seen, and they need to be loved. It's harder to judge and point fingers when you have a real person in front of you...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Bristol.

Bristol Palin is our collective daughter. She speaks out – even with the support of family, influence, and money to afford this pregnancy to shed light on the realities of teen behavior- that teens won’t stop having sex just because they are taught abstinence.

She is also unlike many young teens who simply cannot afford the care of a child or is forced to raise her child alone. And because of the choice to have unprotected sex, another child is added to the families living below the poverty level in this great country.

We need to help our daughters - they are in trouble and no one seems to be listening

We also need to SEE and HEAR from young women who have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus – or someone who has contracted an STD like Herpes – the sense of betrayal – the loss of trust and hope.

Let’s put a FACE on these issues as Bristol Palin has so bravely done, and continue the conversation – and also put the real face of a teen that doesn’t have the financial means or the support of her family.

Here is an example of a letter we received recently. It is like many others we receive, which tells us - It’s time.

“I am currently living in student housing for a private college. One of the things my school doesn't have that several of my previous colleges have had is a student union and place where students can discretely get items like condoms. A few years ago a good friend of mine learned that she was infected with HIV, she was 16. She didn't know how to properly protect herself and she thought just being on birth control was enough. Anyways, since then I have been passionate about making sure people at least know the very basics of protecting themselves. In my research for a class speech I will be giving on HIV/AIDS, I found your website. I think its an absolutely fabulous idea you have and have already worked your site in my speech as well as purchased a compact for myself.”

Thank you, Bristol. Now let's keep the conversation going.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just In Case featured on daytime talk show THE DOCTORS!!

JUST IN CASE® Intimacy compacts take center stage on the new hit Syndicated Daytime Talk Show - THE DOCTORS.

A Stage 29 LLC production, The Doctors, stars four renowned physicians with different medical specialties – ER physician (and former ABC “Bachelor”) Dr. Travis Stork; OB/GYN Lisa Masterson; cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears. This groundbreaking new talk show does for health care what Dr. Phil has done for psychology – provides frank discussions in a fascinating, off-the-cuff manner. Expect these medical experts to weigh in on compelling guest issues and dispense valuable information about health topics du jour.

On Tuesday, January 13th the subject is SEX - and no part of this subject is off limits.

JUST IN CASE® Intimacy compacts are being featured on the show as the perfect solution to carry and store condoms safely and with style.

SEX – It sells. It is controversial. Yet it is of vital importance in our lives and relationships. So what is the message about SEX this go ‘round?

SEX can enhance your relationship – and there are companies out there helping couples to find the joy of sex again – but one element that stands out in the message of having sex and staying healthy is: SAFETY first.

The Mother//Daughter founders of Just In Case, Inc., Marsha Bartenetti and Rachael Sudul, were on the show to talk about their unique product and mission that addresses this very issue. “The condom is a woman’s product, and we are a business founded by women – with a product that finally addresses the needs of women in the area of sexual health.” says Sudul.

JUST IN CASE® compacts are the first way for women to carry protection with a woman’s requirement for style in mind. It is a chic little compact with a mirror and hidden compartment to carry condoms. “We believe that our product will re-define personal care to include sexual health”, says Bartenetti. “And it’s about time.” It’s also a great way to open up a dialog between mother and daughter about staying safe.”

“All the information out there about the consequences of having unprotected sex – (In fact the CDC recently released a study declaring that 1 in 4 teens has an STD Sexually Transmitted Disease) hasn’t seemed to change the behavior of sexually active teens or adults– The statistics are alarming and women are in trouble. Information alone is not enough to change behavior. We believe that trends do change behavior - and this trend just might save a life,” says Bartenetti.

“It was our mission in starting our company to create a product – an accessory - that women would be proud to carry in their purses – and empower them to carry protection, adds Sudul. “Remember – women love the Pretty – and to be in style is paramount. Not to mention the privacy factor. Just like the scene in Sex in The City when Carrie drops her purse and condoms come flying out – right in front of Mr. Big! She was totally embarrassed. If only she had had a JUST IN CASE® compact.

And to be safe…well, that speaks for itself. At the end of the day – we are all responsible for our own bodies – our own health. And when you’re finished with the condom stage of your relationship the JIC compact also makes a perfect pill box.”

“We are having the time of our lives creating beautiful products for women to keep them safe. Look for new designs in 2009, adds Bartenetti.

Check for local listings of The Doctors on:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well it's been quite a year so far and we're only 10 days into it! I haven't written in a while and as one of my resolutions, I hope to allow myself more time to write about what's going on...
So since my last post, we voted in a new administration, watched our collective 401ks spiral down to the point that I don't even read my statements anymore, and Walmart showed ALOT more profit during Christmas than Neiman Marcus... It will be interesting and inspiring to watch a national priority shift to hopefully live within our means in every aspect of life not just financially... what is your emotional budget? What is your physical budget? What is your spiritual budget? What is your health budget? We can't afford to be unconscious with any of our budgets... fill your heart with joy, share it with others, keep yourself healthy and protected... Love Well. Love Wisely.