Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just In Case T Shirts are now Available!

Check out our fabulous T-Shirts!!
There are a number of styles to choose from and most feature Miss Justine Case on the back!

Spread the word not the disease!

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

YouthAIDS Student Ambassador

YouthAIDS has a fabulous student outreach program and we are proud partners with them! If you are a student or have kids who are students, they can log on to the YouthAIDS site and learn how to raise awareness of prevention and education in their community...

With 1 in 4 young women being infected with an STD, and AIDS being the leading cause of death for young African American women in THIS country, it is time to start the conversation.

We have been focusing our efforts in 3rd world countries because we can't seem to think that this effects our country as well. AIDS and STDs do not discriminate... they see us all as an equal opportunity... let's change that and start talking... intimacy goes beyond taking your clothes off... talk to your partner about your health, get tested, use protection.

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Talk About Condoms!!!

Ahhhh the condom. Mention it and you can clear a room faster than yelling “FIRE!”

So what do we all have against this poor little piece of latex?

Well, it can be an awkward addition to a passionate event… sort of the third party of a love triangle you don’t want to deal with. But practically speaking, the condom should always be with you.

Women should listen intently to this… the condom is a WOMAN’S product! The condom is a very effective means of contraception, and helps to protect against Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV. Women are at higher risk for most of these infections than men, simply because of the way we are designed… some 300,000 American women have HIV or AIDS alone, and there is a new diagnosis about every 30 minutes… by age 50 at least 80% of women will have acquired genital HPV infection… if the condom is there for contraception and to alleviate some of the spread of these viruses why aren’t more women carrying them?

It’s taken quite a bit of time to get to the point where women can take birth control without much social consequence. Now it’s the condom’s turn…to wait a little longer… if a woman carries a condom it places a stigma on her and conjures so many questions … why does she need to carry condoms? Is she looking for sex? Is she easy? A woman’s answers to these questions are her own, and no one else’s business unless she invites someone into her business. So while we all do our part to shift the stigma away from a woman taking care of herself, we can make carrying condoms a bit more discreet and a lot less embarrassing… There are so many products out there to alleviate this issue.

You can carry them in a luxurious condom compact, called Just In Case… looks like a make up compact, but has a secret compartment for two condoms. You can even open the compact and use the mirror without giving away your secret stash!

If you want to keep them near your bedside, take a look at the Devine Condom Cube. A cute little leather cube with a magnetic closure that will hold your condoms with a little more design flair than the box they originally came in.

Hate the packaging of the condom itself? Check out ONE brand condoms; a new brand with a designer flair. At first glance you may not even know what it is with it’s new round packaging and avant-garde graphics.

We need to shift the paradigm for women carrying condoms. The new reason to carry a condom is self respect. The new reaction to women carrying condoms must be positive. There is nothing sexier and more attractive than a woman who takes care of herself in every aspect of life. A woman who gives herself the gift of self-respect and self-love, will require that from her partner, and that woman’s partner will return the gift by honoring her request for protection. It’s a dance, when we’re unsure, we step on each others toes. When we know the steps, and follow the music, it can be the most beautiful time in your life. Keep it beautiful, keep yourself protected.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GOOD Magazine Block Party in San Francisco- JUST IN CASE to feature YouthAIDS Red Compact

If any of you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would like to invite you to attend a fantastic block party benefiting some great charities!
Here's the invite:
Enjoy a fabulous magazine, and party with us on Sun 7/20 and come celebrate the best of San Francisco.

GOOD Magazine is for people who give a damn. When you subscribe for $20 and choose YouthAIDS, you get:

(1) One year of GOOD Magazine (Nominated for two National Magazine Awards in its first year) (2) Entry to all GOOD parties & free drinks (Upcoming block parties in San Fran, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Boston, and other events all the time)
(3) Plus, we give 100% of your $20 to YouthAIDS! (It's like making a donation and getting sweet stuff at the same time)

See attached invite for more details. To RSVP:


GOOD. Block Party. Drinks. Music. Food.

Join GOOD at the 111 Minna Gallery for the 2nd Annual Block Party, an explosion of booth vendors, an outdoor stage and a unique combination of San Francisco's best!

Amazing Performances by DJ Franki Chan, The Morning Benders, The Mumlers, DJ Vin Sol and more to be announced.

Visit the Just In Case/YouthAIDS Booth... YouthAIDS Red compacts will be sold for $20 during the event and $5.00 of the profits will be donated to YouthAIDS!

All ages welcome, but the inside of the 111 Minna Gallery will be restricted to 21+ (block party is part indoor, part outdoor).

RIDE YOUR BIKE: Bike valet will be provided by SF Bike Coalition

BRING YOUR OLD CELL PHONES, PAGERS & PDAS: Recycle stations will be available