Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you, Bristol.

Bristol Palin is our collective daughter. She speaks out – even with the support of family, influence, and money to afford this pregnancy to shed light on the realities of teen behavior- that teens won’t stop having sex just because they are taught abstinence.

She is also unlike many young teens who simply cannot afford the care of a child or is forced to raise her child alone. And because of the choice to have unprotected sex, another child is added to the families living below the poverty level in this great country.

We need to help our daughters - they are in trouble and no one seems to be listening

We also need to SEE and HEAR from young women who have contracted the HIV/AIDS virus – or someone who has contracted an STD like Herpes – the sense of betrayal – the loss of trust and hope.

Let’s put a FACE on these issues as Bristol Palin has so bravely done, and continue the conversation – and also put the real face of a teen that doesn’t have the financial means or the support of her family.

Here is an example of a letter we received recently. It is like many others we receive, which tells us - It’s time.

“I am currently living in student housing for a private college. One of the things my school doesn't have that several of my previous colleges have had is a student union and place where students can discretely get items like condoms. A few years ago a good friend of mine learned that she was infected with HIV, she was 16. She didn't know how to properly protect herself and she thought just being on birth control was enough. Anyways, since then I have been passionate about making sure people at least know the very basics of protecting themselves. In my research for a class speech I will be giving on HIV/AIDS, I found your website. I think its an absolutely fabulous idea you have and have already worked your site in my speech as well as purchased a compact for myself.”

Thank you, Bristol. Now let's keep the conversation going.