Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mob-Mentality and the Blame Game

I am troubled by the news lately... while I'm all for smaller government and limited spending, I always find it interesting that the first cuts initialized are the programs for health and education. While I agree there are issues with both (there are issues with any large programs) these are basic needs that need to be met in this country for us to succeed. We need healthy, educated people to create a strong nation. I also find it interesting that people are screaming for a smaller government except when it comes to abortion rights. These are the same people who believe that patients should be able to deal directly with their doctors and be treated accordingly without insurance and government butting in... except for abortions. Ms Bachmann speaks about abortions as if they are convenient drive through procedures that take place on a whim. She is insane.
Don't fool yourselves, we pay no matter what. When it comes to abortions by choice, we need to look further than the procedure itself. What is lacking on the path to this procedure? Education? self-esteem? Better adoption services? Who are the people we can reach before they get to this very dramatic and devastating result? We need to reach out our hands to these people and stop pointing fingers. We won't reach them all but we should be ashamed of ourselves if we don't try something other than making it illegal and throwing people in jail. That helps no one.
This is a billboard currently in New York... I understand it is trying to make a bold statement to start a "conversation", but I am afraid that all it will start is mob-mentality induced blame game. We are better than this and can do better by our countrymen. If you are passionate about making abortion illegal, what have you done to make it unnecessary?