Thursday, September 2, 2010

World AIDS Day 2010

World AIDS Day 2010 is of course December 1st of every year... it is a time to reflect on the progress we have made and the long road ahead of us. Until there is a cure, prevention is paramount. We are all responsible for our own actions, our own sexual health... if you choose to have sex, and you aren't 100% sure of your status or your partner's, you owe it to yourself to use a condom and lessen the chance of contracting HIV or STD's... Love yourself enough.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Win a Just In Case Condom Compact!!

Thank you Swa-Rai Fashion and Lifestyle Blog for such a great review and post!!! Enter her contest to win a compact!
Love Well. Love Wisely.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robots Need To Carry Condoms Too!

Sometimes I just love the internet... thank you to my friend Lisa who introduced me to this great site where you can create your own movies... so of course I had to make one about Just In Case Compacts!!!
Have a gander...
Robots Need To Carry Condoms Too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Big Bad Media and the Power of Trend

Having 2 younger children I am constantly aware of the images they are subjected to on TV, in magazines, online etc. That awareness never leaves me even when I am not in “protection mode”.

The irony is never lost on me however, that we can advertise seduction at nauseating rates, yet condom ads aren’t allowed… Viagra is advertised during prime time and Guardasil is advertised as cervical cancer prevention rather than HPV prevention- a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cancer…even now I am tempted to get out my soap box… but I won’t.

Rather I will turn to the audience… the media feeds its audience what it wants. If the advertising didn’t work, and people stopped buying their products because they were all so offended by the images, media would change. But America has a voracious appetite for garbage; we are obese, broke, and dumber than we prefer to think.

We buy into the hype that a bra will make you look and feel like the models wearing the “Nakeds”, eating the giant hamburger with ketchup dripping down your chest will result in your looking like Paris Hilton (I’m sure the 50 grams of fat don’t really exist in those burgers) and that using Just For Men hair gel on your beard will get you laid by someone 15 years your junior instantaneously.

So how do we sneak in the “vegetables” with the Mac N Cheese Media?
Hide it in trend.

I bought this great cookbook for my finicky kids who weren’t eating enough vegetables… you sneak the veggies into their food by pureeing them and cooking it into the stuff they love. They never see that cauliflower coming.

So instead of the serious talks about STDs and HIV, how devastating they can be to your life, and how easily they are spread, we will wrap prevention in a cute little compact, make it cool to carry and the thing you MUST have.

So put on your “Nakeds”, grab your Just In Case compact (I bet you can fit a little blue pill in there too) find that guy at the sports bar with his “Just For Men” beard that will instantly turn you on, and head out for a triple hamburger dripping in ketchup and special sauce. I’m sure it will be the greatest night of your life…

Getting people to carry condoms is half the battle, getting people to use them correctly is the other half… We will do our part by making it chic to carry a condom in a trendy compact; the rest is up to you, my voracious audience. I hope you don’t taste the veggies… but enjoy the whole meal.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dentyne, Condom, Dentyne, Condom

Let me start out by saying I enjoyed the new Dentyne commercial; very creative, very funny, yet completely annoying because it shows the hypocrisy not only of the American consumer but of the entertainment and television industry.
As Americans we buy everything because it will make us thinner, younger, sexier… and apparently it’s just so we can admire ourselves in the mirror and NOT to attract a partner and have sex. Apparently it’s all about the tease and not the end game of the actual carrot that is endlessly dangled in front of everyone.
So if you haven’t seen the Dentyne commercial, basically there are about three scenarios where they are talking about the gum but insinuating that it is like a condom. For example, the guy is at the drug store, lays the Dentyne on the counter, the cashier (woman) gives him the knowing glance that he’s preparing for a fun evening, he looks embarrassed since he’s buying this in front of a woman and he walks out with his “gum”. Then the roommate pops into the other roommate's bedroom saying "Dude, do you have anything?" He reaches into his bedside table and pulls out...Dentyne.

Yes this is funny, but annoying. Since it’s gum it’s ok. But if that were an actual condom ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE. Right? Which is why condom ads aren't allowed on TV... or only allowed in this round-about way, since the American public would fall over dead if they saw an actual condom and not just the insinuation. What a joke.


We are sexual beings; that’s why sex works in advertising. This is a no-brainer. Yet at the same time we are pious, judgmental fools who refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room and get real about the importance of sex and the consequences of sex. Without opening your eyes to all of it, you cannot properly make the profound decision to give your body and all the emotions, chemical reactions, physical changes, and spiritual currency over to your partner.

As a VERY proud American, I’m waiting for my people to grow up, it will be thrilling when we are not the teenagers of the world anymore.

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do you get when you cross politicians and condoms? Stupidity.

Have you heard? Carrying too many condoms can contribute to a prostitution charge... way to go lawmakers! So glad we're paying you to create an even larger health hazard!
Read an article here...
So in the infinite wisdom of government they have decided that the best new way to identify prostitutes is by the quantity of condoms in their possession. Let's take this logic a little further... so when a prostitute goes out, in order to avoid that part of "sufficient cause" for arrest, she will leave her condoms at home and she and all the Johns will be even more vulnerable to STDs and HIV... the gifts that keep on giving. And in the city where the HIV rates are at an all time high, dissuading people from practicing safe sex is a GREAT idea! (shaking head while pulling hair out)
So to all you politicians in DC... and you know half your names are "John"... better bring your own condoms, but only two, otherwise the police will think you're a prostitute. Brilliant.
At least Just In Case will keep you within the limits of the law... we try to do our part.

Monday, January 4, 2010


What will you do this year to make someone else's life a little better? What will you do to better your own life that will better your family's life?
Not just a resolution... but the action to create change. What will it be?