Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lessons From Tiger

So we have all heard about Tiger Wood's many trysts... if you haven't you have been under a rock since his story trumped Pearl Harbor and Health Care Debates... US Weekly is even writing stories about Tiger not using condoms...

He has placed a bright light on the biggest dilemma when it comes to women protecting themselves... It is one thing to have your heart broken by a cheating spouse, but to also contract an STD or HIV is devastating. There are many women out there who have done nothing wrong and yet are forced to suffer some major health consequences from their husband's infidelities.

Condom use is a no-brainer when you're dating, and you don't know your partner's medical history... but what if you are in a long-term, committed relationship, marriage and you thought you knew about their health? What if you are going through a rough time, or your partner/spouse travels extensively for business? How do women protect themselves from someone else's lapse of judgment? There is no perfect answer... but what would you do in Elin's place? What do you do if you have a gut feeling that your partner/spouse is cheating on you and may not be using protection?

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