Monday, November 30, 2009

12-1 is World AIDS Day... we're here to remind you...BYOC... Bring Your Own Condom!

Free Condom Compacts to First 10 Attendees Who Text Question During Web Chat

11.22.2009 – Los Angeles, CA – JUST IN CASE® ( designers of the tres-chic condom storing intimacy compacts – are hosting a World AIDS Day Web chat urging women to “BYOC”: Bring Your Own Condom. JUST IN CASE compacts look like your favorite makeup compact but have a secret compartment to carry condoms.

Marsha Bartenetti and Rachael Sudul, the mother-daughter team behind Just in Case, Inc. (JIC) will bring their message of personal responsibility to women live via USTREAM on World AIDS Day, 12.1.09. Viewers are invited to log on to at 9am PST/Noon EST to learn more about the realities of protecting one's self, acquire resources supplied by the World AIDS Campaign, and the chance to win a FREE chic compact of her own by submitting a text question or comment via UStream's chat feature.

Bartenetti, who will host the “BYOC” chat says, “There’s a new face of HIV/AIDS that women are hesitant to talk about: suburban women, young women, your next door neighbor. While there have been many advances with respect to HIV/AIDS treatment there is still no cure. The best protection is still a condom.”

Sudul adds, “It’s time to change the conversation and remove the stigma women feel around carrying condoms. This is not about encouraging promiscuity but empowering women to take responsibility for their own health and welfare. We want to facilitate that discussion and help women to take control of their lives.”

JIC is engaging women in the safe sex conversation everyday via its Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. Join them and share what makes YOU sexy smart. Post your thoughts on their Facebook wall (, then start the conversation with two friends by asking: What’s in YOUR purse!®

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About Just in Case, Inc.: Founded in 2005 by mother-daughter team Marsha Bartenetti, who has years of experience in the entertainment industry, and Rachael Sudul, who has extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, Just in Case, Inc. is the leader in providing discreet intimacy compacts stylish enough for every woman’s purse. Winners of a HBA International Design Award for Originality, their revolutionary product re-defined the face of beauty to include sexual health. Their values adhere to the highest ethical standards while providing quality products and a message of hope. 5% of profits go to HIV/AIDS & women’s health charities worldwide. The following are registered trademarks of Just in Case, Inc.: JUST IN CASE® Love Well.Love Wisely.® Protection Never Had Such Style.® Sexy.Smart.® What's in YOUR purse?®

Monday, November 9, 2009

World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is approaching and I wonder what the general knowledge is about HIV and AIDS... we have been aware of this virus since the 80's but I don't think that people have educated themselves very well about the virus. It's always been one of those illnesses that people think... "I'll never get that, I'm monogamous" or "I'll never get that I have only had a few partners." The problem is that with the rate of infection in the US, "risky behavior" has broadened it's meaning and includes unprotected sex with a partner that hasn't been tested.

Here is a link to the CDC with some great information on HIV basics.

Throughout the next few months I will try to find other links with basic information about HIV.
If you don't know your status or your partner's, protection is paramount. You can't tell if someone has been infected by how they look, and an infected person may not even have symptoms for months and be highly contagious.
Be smart, be sexy, be safe. Carry your own protection.
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Love Well. Love Wisely.