Wednesday, August 31, 2011

JIC Confidential is almost here!!



OUR NEW fabulous mirrored compact features our own “Justine Case” and includes a sheer Lip Gloss Duo (SSShh-eer Bliss, Sultry SSShh-immer) and a drawer to hold your “Sexy Stash”.

JUST IN CASE CONFIDENTIAL promises to change the landscape of beauty and will revolutionize the beauty market by providing women a beautiful way to carry their own protection…and have a luscious Lip Gloss always on hand.

These fabulous compacts will be available in September!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Two Days for the Discount Code JIC30

We are so excited about the new "Likes" to our Just In Case Page on Facebook we want to thank you all with a discount on our site! Check out our page HERE!!

The discount also applies to the other items on our site as well!

There are soy massage candles that are YUMMY!

Happy shopping and...
Love Well.
Love Wisely.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just In Case gets props on KTDY!

Thank you Rick Broussard for the mention this morning on KTDY!! Just In Case is proudly donating a compact for a raffle prize for "Wiggin Out To Fight Cancer" event at Scandals in Lafayette.


If you are in the Lafayette area come join us! Saturday August 27th Pre-Party from 7pm-9pm. You must wear a wig to enter and a minimum of $10 donation to ACS at the door. Raffle tickets are available now through the Scandals Facebook page:

See you at the event!!

We're at 300 LIKES!!

DING DING DING!!! We have officially reached 300 "likes"!!!!! Ready for your code?
from 8/21 thru 8/27 use JIC30 for 30% off your total order!! Feel free to share the code with your friends!!!

Keep the "Likes" coming for more discount codes!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only in New York... Unfortunately

Sometimes I feel as if everyone has gone crazy with these "puritanical" views or maybe they are just the extreme voices that make it through all of the 24 hour news cycles, and maybe it's just hugely influenced by the small town I live in... here's an article that was posted on KPEL, by Bernadette Lee, my favorite talk radio show host in the mornings here, and you can tell she's speaking to her "audience" - I live in a very small CONSERVATIVE town.

This is not how I remember Sex Ed/ Health Class...

I remember health class being about just that, health. I remember sex-ed in Junior High School (6th, 7th and 8th grade) and how it wasn't porn 101 it was just a very forensic class about your body and the birds and the bees. And there were a few classes about STDs that could truly make you want to lock yourself in a closet. They mentioned condoms but we never had the cucumber or banana demonstration, honestly I don't remember that even happening in high school.
I also remember that it was a big deal to "french" kiss someone in 6th grade and to have a boyfriend who held your hand in front of his friends...

Times have changed.

Now a blow job is no big deal, the girls are chasing after these little boys as if they are the ultimate prize, teen pregnancy is rampant and 1 in 4 have HPV... an STD that stays with you for life and can lead to many cancers including cervical and throat.
So you would think that Health and Sex Ed classes would now become more detailed and scary to try and get these kids to focus on something else... but the opposite is true! Abstinence only education... huh?! How does that help these kids?
There are diseases now that there are no cures for, hormonal reactions to sex that both boys and girls are unaware of and therefore unable to pinpoint and deal with.
Basically we are handing hormonal kids loaded guns closing our eyes and saying... "Good Luck with that!"

Can you imagine getting a new gun then going to a "Gun Safety" class and all they tell you is... don't shoot it til you're older and married. Class dismissed!

So what is the big deal about telling the truth to our kids? Why is it so shocking for parents and educators to partner in teaching our kids about their bodies and how to keep themselves healthy? Why is Sex-Ed suddenly being considered Porn 101? We have become a very dramatic nation... my suggestion is that we all take a deep breath and tell our kids the truth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They "Like" me, they REALLY "Like" me!!

Our Just In Case Facebook page is having a "Like" event! Click HERE to check it out!

When we reach 300 "likes" we will post a discount code for 30% off... when we reach 400 we will post a code for 40% off... and when we reach 500 we'll post a code for 50% off!!

The codes will be good for a short amount of time but we will notify everyone who likes the page and you can take advantage of every level of discount! JIC Compacts make great gifts so save them for holidays, birthdays, bachelorette and divorce parties!

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