Friday, June 27, 2008

No Sex Contract

So I keep reading about all these teens taking abstinence only sex-ed classes (how is that considered "sex-ed"... seems to me that there is no need for a long class... DON"T DO IT. Dismissed! I mean what do they actually teach? All the things not considered sex?)
I've also been hearing about these contracts that they are signing pledging to be virgins until they're married. Since we are all so patient and so good at waiting for things to be right, they are probably going to get married around twenty which I don't think is a good idea either. This is like the "pill" we can give our kids to keep them from having sex. If we have them sign a contract they won't do it... are you kidding me? Of course there will be some people who will wait it out and remain true to that contract, but on average I doubt it. Not that I have huge doubt in our youth, quite the contrary. I believe if we arm them with the truth of what's out there and why it is worth the wait or if you're ready why it's worth using a condom that most will make very smart decisions.
When I think about them signing this contract I think about the things I try to "contract" myself to do... and how I then obsess about what I'm not supposed to do. I won't eat those carbs... then suddenly I'm surrounded by baguette and cheese... what is a girl to do?!
And especially in today's media... you sign this contract not to have sex yet everywhere you turn it's being shoved down your throat! Especially for that age group... Abercrombie, Victoria's Secret, billboards selling jeans showing only naked people... where are the jeans I'm supposed to buy?
So what is the answer... I think what we have to come to realize is that there isn't one answer but a constant stream of answers that will mold and change for each child. The schools should be teaching the facts of everything. There shouldn't be a question that should go unanswered in a class... then with a parents expectations, love, and guidance, our youth can use the knowledge to make emotional, moral, and physical choices that will effect them for the rest of their lives.
What we're doing now isn't working... let's change it up a bit. Our kids are counting on us.
Love Well. Love Wisely.