Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teen Vogue

Well... we were told no... and as an only child, it is a word I tend not to listen to or ever like to hear.

We wanted to advertise in Teen Vogue and the editors told us no... not very surprising I guess, but completely frustrating and indicative of the uphill battle we have with the public message about sex and sexuality to teens and young adults.

Calvin Klein can put up a billboard in New York city showing a young girl topless having a Foursome (we've moved beyond a menage a trois apparently) to advertise jeans to our teens and young adults... can you even see the jeans? Then we turn around to the same audience of the foursome and say..."wait til your married" and "abstinence is best" and wonder why it isn't very effective... REALITY CHECK PLEASE!

I am thrilled, however, that this has stirred a conversation and I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Shawn Decker on Twitter... he wrote about my having to hear the word "no" in his blog for Poz...

So the conversation continues and I guess that is the purpose... just wish we could've advertised for back to school! Because if that's what Calvin Klein jeans do for your social life, you will definitely be needing a few condoms...

Remember, this Saturday is National HIV Testing Day... know your status... know your partner's status... if you don't know FOR SURE, use a condom...

Love Well. Love Wisely.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Website!

Good Morning and please take a look at the new JIC site!
We will be working out the bugs for a bit I'm sure but we have streamlined to better serve our customers... use the code LOVEWELL for a discount on your order and let us know about your shopping experience!
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