Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yo Mama! Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate... the mundane and the extraordinary, the expected and the surprises that we call motherhood; the inexplicable passion to protect the very thing that can drive us to moments of insanity and bliss. We celebrate the love that pours through the sacrifices, of time, money, and body, in the hopes that we can fill the world with compassionate responsible people who know how to love AND balance a checkbook... Our jobs are never finished, for I am a daughter too who still leans heavily on my own incredible mom. So I say thank you, to all the moms out there, for washing the same dish 50 million times, reminding your kids to say please and thank you, for volunteering at the school when you’d rather be getting a pedicure, for drying tears, pulling teeth, changing diapers, cleaning up barf… and for molding our future. Here’s to doing our best, forgiving our shortcomings, and to never giving up. Happy Mother’s Day.