Friday, September 26, 2008

Macy's Passport Fashion Show in San Francisco

Macy’s Passport San Francisco!

I have recently returned from the Macy’s Passport event in San Francisco… what a fantastic event!!

The first evening was Fashion Inform… teens from all over the Bay Area were invited to this event… the ticket price and transportation was provided by Macy’s and sponsors like Just In Case, Inc. This group of teens were treated to a phenomenal night of fashion and fun, and more importantly, educated about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent the disease. The behaviors that these teens adopt now, will more than likely determine the course of this disease here at home… through awareness and prevention, they have a chance of significantly reducing the rate of infections in the near future.
The health sponsor was Kaiser and they handed out JUST IN CASE compacts to the first few hundred teens that finished their information “obstacle course”. Of course they were a huge hit, and Kaiser really had a phenomenal set up to make the education part of the evening lots of fun.

The second evening was presented by American Express, and it was an evening geared towards the “Young Professional”… the food was fantastic, and the drinks were pouring! Just In Case was well represented by Peachy’s Puff Girls! Anyone unfamiliar with this group in San Francisco… let me fill you in… Peachy’s Puff girls are a standard at many SF night clubs; they are the cigarette girls with the mostest!! Their trays were filled with sizzling Rendez-Vous Red JUST IN CASE compacts and were distributed to most of the guests attending the event. The compacts were such a hit that they ran out about 30 minutes before the fashion show!!!
What a treat to stand back and observe the excitement and buzz the compacts generated with the guests!

The third evening was the SF Gala… what a fantastic event! San Francisco elite were there including the Mayor and the CEO of Macy's, enjoying the fabulous food, yummy Passion Fruit Skyy Vodka cocktails, and a craps table in the Calvin Klein area… we were very lucky and rolled the dice to win a Calvin Klein watch! Now I no longer have an excuse to be late… this is the night we decided to stay for the fashion show… Spectacular!
With designers like Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy, and celebs such as No Doubt’s drummer Adrian Young, and the ever fabulous Dame Edna, we were treated to some fun looks for Fall and a great show.
The highlight for me was an unknown… When she took the podium she was beautiful and composed, and I assumed she was someone with Macy’s… she was a young woman who spoke of her personal tragedy of being raped at 15 and infected with HIV by her offender. She spoke of her own tragedy and the courage she found through an organization called WORLD – Women Organized to Respond to Life threatening Diseases. She was an inspiration to the audience who applauded her every statement about the disease being preventable and that we need to focus on education and prevention. Comprehensive Sex Education!!! That’s the reason we were all there… the show was fun, but she brought the new, beautiful, heterosexual, FEMALE face to AIDS and HIV… all we need to do is listen, act, and teach.

This is an annual event and well worth the $85 - $2000 tickets… depending on the depths of your pockets! If you get a chance we hope to join you there next year…

As always, Love Well. Love Wisely.®

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bristol and Sarah Palin - Poster Family For Comprehensive Sex Education

Perhaps the latest revelation of Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy is a gift -A wake up call to come out of our collective coma on this hugely important subject… abstinence only programs do not work. Neither program will be 100% effective but a sex-ed program should offer ALL the facts. We need a comprehensive education program.

And given the recent report from the CDC that 1 in 4 teens has an STD – and the rising number of AIDS cases among women in the US – It’s time.

It is our mission (mom and me) to offer women a way to stay protected, confident, and discreet when we started our business Just in Case, Inc.

We believe that women are innately modest when it comes to intimate matters – and JIC gives them a beautiful way to stay protected.

Give your children ALL the information they need and offer them the behavior you would like them to follow… the rest is up to them.

For more information about the compacts, go to

Use the code LOVEWELL for a 10% discount on your order.

Choose the YouthAIDS Red Compact and 10% of the sale goes directly to YouthAIDS – a group dedicated to the fight against AIDS/HIV through education and protection