Friday, April 19, 2013

Safe Sex Beyond 50

JUST IN CASE was recently featured in a blog written by published author, Joan Price who also writes for Huffington Post. We were thrilled to be a part of the conversation about safe sex for older couples.
Check out the article HERE!
The infection rates for 50+ age group are on the rise. Looks like "The Talk" needs to happen a few times in life.

Love Well. Love Wisely.


Alyssa Mompoint said...

What a very nifty way of encouraging woman to start carrying their own condoms. It really is just as much our responsibility as a man's. I think society has made it challenging for woman to feel as open to buying and carrying a condom but the truth is, if you're having sex, you should me mature enough to, period. Is is Really that Bad anyways?

Alyssa Mompoint said...

The truth is, if you're having sex then you should be mature enough to buy and carry condoms too. I don't know why its still embarrassing or judged if we do. I think society has made challenging for women to feel as open about it as men but its time we all suck it up. Is it really that bad anyways?