Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do You REALLY Know What You Look Like?

Dove has really done it this time... in a new video, they have women describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist... Earlier, those same women were paired up with a stranger for a quick "get to know you" chat, then those strangers were asked to describe the same woman to the same sketch artist... the difference in the sketches is astounding and sad. The group of women were critical of themselves to the point of distortion, and the strangers who spoke with them for a short time described them so well the forensic sketch looked like a portrait.
How would you describe yourself, do you think a stranger would describe you the same way? When you critique yourself... if someone else said those same things about you, would it hurt you or make you mad? Loving yourself, somehow, isn't that easy but we have a responsibility to control that inner dialogue that is hurtful and deceitful. 
This is well worth the 3 minute watch, and Dove's website has the full 6 minute version.

Love Well. Love Wisely. Love Yourself.

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